Sept 18th 2024

10am - 5pm

Cotswolds Hotel & Spa, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 5QH

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Our Speakers

We have selected the most amazing speakers who don't just talk about business, but live it, every day.

When they stand on stage they'll be giving you real-life advice, which is proven to work in a real business, with real clients and customers.

You will leave Connect Live! with not just an education, but with a list of tasks and actions you can take, immediately, to move your business forward straight away.

Expect energy, expect humour and, most of all, expect speakers who know exactly what you go through every day, and how to make a quick and lasting difference.

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The Rev Dr Clive Thomas Jackson - Lead Singer at Doctor and the Medics Ltd

The Rev Dr Clive Thomas Jacksonlinkedin

Lead Singer at Doctor and the Medics Ltd

The Dr combines all the elements of his career in one hilarious keynote speech. The Doctor will see us now, and tell us about his extraordinary ability to keep going when everybody told him to give up.

From appearing on Top of The Pops with his #1 single Spirit in the Sky to mixing cement on a building site just months later, and going on to have the Medics' busiest touring year yet. An inspiring story of resilience, belief, and absolute pigheadedness which led to success.

Stefan Thomas - Author of Business Networking for Dummies

Stefan Thomaslinkedin

Author of Business Networking for Dummies

Stefan will not only host the day, but will open the day by telling you exactly how to get the most from your networking, at Connect Live! and into the future too. With clients including BT, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Utility Warehouse and many more, Stefan has learnt how to turn networking into sales.

Plus, through his work with hundreds of small business owners, he has proven that his methods are teachable.

Tony Leake - Mindset Coach

Tony Leakelinkedin

Mindset Coach

Ten years ago, Tony was suffering from frequent and debilitating panic attacks and poor mental health. He retrained as a therapist first and foremost to help himself. When he realised that all of his previous problems were caused by his mindset he asked himself the question: If the mind can do all of that without even trying, what can be achieved when we go about it deliberately? He now works 1-2-1 with business owners, helping them cultivate the right mindset that enables them to achieve more.

His mantra is very simple. Thinking drives action, and action creates results. That means that if you want different results you’ve got to start by getting the thinking right.

Fiona Scott - Award-winning no-nonsense journalist, speaker, blogger, media consultant & TV producer

Fiona Scottlinkedin

Award-winning no-nonsense journalist, speaker, blogger, media consultant & TV producer

Fiona has worked in the media for over 30 years including working for ITV, BBC & Comic Relief.

Some of the programmes she’s produced include multiple regional award-winning current affairs series West Eye View, political show The West This Week, antiques and collectables shows The Bargain Hunters and Beat The Dealer.

After setting up her media consultancy in 2009, she’s offered media advice to many companies both large and small including Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service, Kream London, Sinclair Pharma, Galderma, Haines Watts Swindon, Creative Nature and many more. She’s worked with four Dragons’ Den-funded entrepreneurs and one winner of The Apprentice.

Barry Clark - Business consultant and sales coach

Barry Clarklinkedin

Business consultant and sales coach

Barry has spent over three decades helping people like you perform better.

From a corporate career in the hotel & leisure industry in various sales, business development and senior leadership roles, he founded Dunedin Consultancy in 2017 and quickly established a reputation as a no-nonsense, common-sense trainer, coach & consultant.

He has run massive teams and helped build multi-million-pound companies. Along the way, he has used just about every process in the business book, which has led to huge successes – and some mistakes!

A published author of Selling Made Simple and Winning More Sales, Barry is today recognised as a public speaker, sales process trainer and renowned consultant. Barry continues to work with a broad range of businesses, helping them to perform at the highest level and achieve the sales success they deserve.

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